Monday, November 21, 2005

Saturdays are not for knitting

For the second Saturday in a row, I've had to frog back 7 rows on my green "Here and There" scarf (as opposed to my Koigu "Here and There" scarf). This time was not a dropped stitch, I knit one row too many in a repeat and didn't discover it until I completed the next repeat and was doing the cable row. If you look at the upper right corner, it's really noticeable. I was knitting in the car as we were out and about and, obviously, was distracted and didn't mark off a row on my cheat sheet. It's all fixed now, but I hope I don't have to stop knitting on Saturdays!!

On a happier note, I completed another repeat on River, so that's ten done. I also started the second ball of yarn and I'm glad that I got three balls. The first ball did 9 1/2 repeats, but only measures 28 inches. Which means that I'll be doing more repeats than planned, but I think I have time enough to get it finished before the warm weather returns.

It all made Zack and Sophie very tired. Cute, but tired...


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