Wednesday, October 26, 2005

Ene Complete

Finally finished. Actually, this was finished a few weeks ago except for weaving in all the yarn ends. Each of the 4 skeins I used had one splice knot in it, so it doubled the part of finishing I hate most.

I also hate weaving in thread ends with beading, so I tend to do them right away. I seem to recall that you shouldn't weave in yarn ends until after blocking and that make sense with natural fibers since you're stretching the item.

Also, I want to re-block this. I don't like the pointy things across the long end where the pins held it. I want to go get some welding rods (don't know the correct term, B rattled them off and explained the virtues of all, but all I want is something 3 feet long that is skinny and won't bend or rust, LOL) to weave through the lace on that side to get a straighter edge.

And my hair, look how long. I just had 3 inches cut off and I thought it was shorter than this before I got it cut. Since I want it long, that works!

In other news, less than one repeat left on Paws to Remember. Can I have it off the needles and blocked before my trip to San Francisco and B.A.B.E. 2005!? Why yes! I think I can!

And then, my attention can focus on River. W00t!


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