Saturday, October 08, 2005

River Along Update and an FO

My progress on River is coming along nicely. After my horrible luck with the second repeat, the waters have calmed down and I've completed the sixth repeat. Since I dropped down to US 8 needles, that's about 15 inches (not including the border), so I think I'll be doing about 18 repeats instead of the 12 called for to get a decent length.

I don't have the pattern totally memorized, but I did write down the rows on index cards to make it more portable. I also think it wil be safe to take back the third skein. I bought three skeins thinking I was going to make it wider... Didn't happen.

I also finished my "on the go" scarf, a project I carried with me to work on after my walks at the lake or other odd moments. This scarf also went with me to Salt Lake City.

Yarn:Plymouth Yarn Italian Collection: Spazzini
75% Wool, 25% Nylon; 5 skeins
Pattern:Feather & Fan
Needles:Clover US 10

Because this is a novelty yarn,instead of purling row 2, I knit every row other than the pattern row. Heck, for all you can see of the pattern, I could have knit that too. :) It's nine inches wide and about five feet long without stretching. It's going to be nice and toasty on my neck this winter.


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