Monday, October 31, 2005

Paws to Remember is off the needles

WooHoo! Paws came off the needles last night and is blocking as I type.

It was a race to the finish, as well, to see if I was going to have enough yarn to finish. From the first hank of yarn, I was able to do 21 repeats of the pattern, but with the second hank, I was only able to do 17 before I decided that I better do the border. I have about a golfball size ball of yarn left, although with laceweight, I may have squeaked another repeat out of it... Nah...

On the pattern, I added an additional 4 repeats to the width and an additional 9 repeats to the length, so that I have a shawl instead of a scarf. The overall dimensions blocked are approximately 69 x 25 inches. I'm quite pleased with that.

The yarn I used is from the Davidson Corp. out of Eaton Rapids, MI, purchased at Creative Fibers in Minneapolis, a Domy Heather in the Charcoal colorway, laceweight 100% wool. I used US size 7 Clover Takumi Bamboo needles. I don't remember when I started this, but it was hot, so I'm going to guess sometime in late June or early July.

89 stitches per row x 508 rows = 45,212 stitches ZOWIE!

Now to concentrate on River, but I still want to cast on for something new, too! I have all that Koigu I was going to use to make a Clapotis, but I'm also thinking of trying the "Here and There Cables" out of "Scarf Styles." I need a take along progect for my trip to San Francisco and River is too fussy for that. What to do...


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