Monday, October 03, 2005

Rolling on the River...

Yes, it's been awhile. I have no excuse other than the longer I didn't post, the easier it became and, the guiltier I felt.

Now, I want to join the River Along that Savannahchic is hosting and I figured I should start posting again so I can show my progress.

I was going to use Knitpicks Alpaca Cloud in either Tide Pool or Stream, but couldn't decide, so hadn't ordered. Then I saw the Dollar Yarn at Target and was going to at least start this pattern using the "Fuzzy Fur" to see what knitting with thread was like.

Then I stopped in at Creative Fibers and fell in love with the Crystal Palace Kid Merino yarn colorway 9812 Violets.

After reading all the posts, I decided to use US size 8 needles and I'm pleased with the fabric I'm creating. I made it through the first repeat of the pattern with absolutely no problems at all.

Then I read the update progress on Sunday and saw that a few people were having problems. Bad Karma! Every row I knit on the second repeat, I made a mistake that resulted in much tinking. At the end of the night, all I had left was the last row of straight knitting (except the 3 stitches at the beginning and end of the row). Can't screw that up, can I? HAW! I have NO idea what happened, but I *think* I fixed it. I have the right amount of stitches and I think I picked up whatever got dropped.


At October 04, 2005 10:32 AM, Blogger savannahchik said...

it's looking great! i love the subtle variations in the yarn you picked!

ps - added you to my sidebar for the KAL. welcome!


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