Tuesday, October 04, 2005

Ene's scarf

One of the items I just completed... OK, almost have completed, is Ene's scarf from "Scarf Styles." It's blocked, but I still have some ends (15) to weave in.

Here's a picture about two days before it came off the needles. As you can see, Zack approves.

For this scarf, I used some of the wool yarn I scored at Value Village, the thrift store where I do volunteer work.

Here's Ene stretched out on the blocking board. I'll have to get some *glam* shots once I have the ends woven in. I think I'm going to block this again after I get some rods from a welding supply shop, I don't like the points across the top.

Once I figured out the rhythm of the pattern, this worked up fairly fast. I really liked that every other row got shorter, too. :) I think I had this completed in under a month.

The yarn is Columbia Minerva Featherweight Knitting Worsted, 100% virgin wool on US size 7 needles. I used just under four skeins for a cost of $2.20. Not bad!


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