Wednesday, June 29, 2005

Little bit of this and a little bit of that...

I have some finished things! CaraMia is done, she went from 25 inches to just over 6 feet once pulled. Here's a picture of the scarf about a quarter pulled:

And a close up in the hosta beds:

A storm knocked down a tiger lily branch, pretty, no?

I started another magic scarf using Paton's Grace in Tangelo. It's actually finished, but I forgot to take a picture before I dropped the stitches and started pulling, the pattern was almost argyle looking. I haven't taken a finished picture yet, but here's an in progress picture taken last Saturday at our favorite watering hole:

I also started a lace scarf, Paws to Remember , a pattern from Fiber Trends. I'm using a 100% wool laceweight yarn form Davidson Corporation called Domy Heather in Charcoal.

I think I might need to invest in a yarn winder. I sat in a very unladylike position with the yarn draped across my knees while I wound 475 yards of yarn. LLLOL

My sweet cat Max crossed over to the Rainbow Bridge in April of this year and this yarn is just a bit darker than his fur. I wanted to make this scarf as a remembrance, we were together for 17 years and he was 19 years old when he died. I miss you every day, Max!


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