Monday, December 05, 2005

How Cozy is My Camera

I like to carry my camera with me, but the case I have takes up too much room in my purse. I was carrying it without a case, but I didn't want it getting all scratched up. And so, a camera cozy is born.

I had a skein of Lion Brand Micro Spun in my stash (don't ask why, I don't know) and knit it up in the round on US size 6 dpns. I made a three stitch i-cord drawstring and cast off the tube using the three needle cast off. I used much less than half the skein, I'm sure.

I really like the feel of the fabric and I think it's just enough protection to keep the camera from getting mucked up in my purse. I did, however, end up winding the yarn into a ball and found 3 joins, or knots in it, 2 were less than 2 feet apart!

In other knitting news, I have nothing, nada zip... I'm working several things at once, so there's not much progress on anything, although there is progress on everything. LOL

And, it's COLD! Damn, it's cold. Got out to my truck this morning, started up just fine, but the door mechanism froze and the door wouldn't stay shut. Not too inconvenient until you go to make a right turn. LOL It's currently -2ºF with a -15ºF windchill.


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