Thursday, June 09, 2005

And, for my first post...

This is harder than is should be. I'm using the WYSIWYG text editor and it's giving me HTML errors. I thought it would be faster that typing up my own HTML. Go figure.

Anyhow... Welcome to my corner of BlogLand. My first love is beads and I've been creating with beads for the past 15+ years. Needing a break after a couple of major projects this past year, I dug out my knitting needles for something different.

Who knew that, instead of a temporary diversion of a few Fun Fur scarves, I woke up a sleeping muse! After reacquainting myself with the basics and making several scarves and a couple of ponchos and shawls (OK, really BIG scarves), I'm making a tank top.

I'm making Soleil in Lion Brand Cotton Ease Pistachio. Last Saturday, I took Soleil with me to Don Pablo's:

I'm quite a bit farther on this, I've divided the front and have them on stitch holders and am working on the back. I need to get a close up picture of the front as the technician at the Dr's office and I decided that, in its current state, it's the perfect mammogram top. I did take a picture of Soleil on the mammogram machine. Ya know, that machine would be really good for pressing when this is ready to be blocked... Heheh :-)


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