Thursday, May 31, 2007

Hey Monkey Monkey!!

Monkey Socks! I love me some Monkey Socks as, apparently, does much of the knitting blog world I've found! I saw one pair knit up (besides the ones Cookie A. knit up) and the knitster was so in love with the pattern, I had to try it. I forget who's socks I originally saw because it seems that EVERYone is knitting up a pair... With one exception. I actually read a blog that said she though they were UGLY!! Hello?! All (most) lace looks like goo until blocked (or put on the foot), oh crazy lady!!

Anyhow, here's mine (click for big)! I started the pattern on US size 2 needles and, after the second pattern repeat, went down to a US 1.5 (2.5mm).The yarn is Lana Grossa Meilenweit Cotton Maya in the 7010 colorway. I also used the Eye of Partridge heel rather than a straight stockinette stitch heel. 6 pattern repeats for the leg and 5 for the foot.

And what might this be? Why... It's going to be a Clapotis! So, while I'm one of the first on the Monkey wagon, I'm one of the last on the Clapotis wagon.

Since I last looked at the pattern, they're calling for more yarn. When I originally printed it out, it called for 3 skeins of 205 yards each, or 615 yards. It did say that to complete the shawl as written, you needed slightly more than three skeins. so if you didn't want to purchase a 4th skein, to simply eliminate one repeat in the 3rd section.

So, for a long time, I had the number 650 yards in my head for this wrap, I don't know why, I guess I transpose 615 into 650. I've been watching for the right yarn, not actively until about a month ago and, while at the Needlework Unlimited Yarn Outlet store, this yarn jumped out at me. I wasn't looking for a cotton yarn, but this was like spun gold. The yarn is a 9 ply 40% cotton, 35% linen, 20% viscose and 5% nylon (the metallic threads, I would guess) and 72 yards per skein. There were 10 available, so more than the 650 magic number in my head. Perfect! All the same dye lot and, at half price, only $3.25 per skein.

So, I go back to look at the pattern online. YIKES!! Now the note is gone and it just calls for 4 skeins of the 205 yardage called for yarn. Math equals 820, but I'm comforted with the note on my previous print out. I'm using US size 7 needles instead of the US 8 called for and, if I can get 2.5 repeats on this 5th skein (and I will because I'm trying to knit really REALLY fast so I don't run out of yarn; that works, right?), I'm all set to knit on without dropping a pattern repeat in section 3.

The top picture is more accurate. It reminds me of Rapunzel spinning her hair into gold. The fabric is quite soft for cotton and I was told it will soften up even more with washing. I think this is going to be the perfect summer wrap!

Saturday, May 19, 2007

Socks and Other Things

I've finished a couple of pairs of... SOCKS!! What else do I knit these days?! First up are a pair of Uptown Boot Socks from
Favorite Socks. These were done on US 1.5 (2.50mm) needles in Trekking XXL yarn, colorway 113. The best part about these socks? Learning to cable without a cable needle using Kathy's easy to understand instructions.

This pattern uses all left cross cables, so I still need to master the right cross. I also missed on cable, but it's just below the cuff and by the time I discovered it, I was decreasing the gusset. No way was I going to rip it back!!

Next up is a pair of socks for B. He wanted a pair of thicker socks to wear in the winter when snowmobiling. These are a worsted weight 100% superwash wool Lana Grossa yarn and I reinforced the heels and toes. The pattern is just a simple 2x2 ribbing for the leg and a stockinette stitch foot. Easy mindless knitting and worked up quickly. I used US size 3 needles, so the fabric is quite dense.

I scored at Value Village last week. I got these three skeins of yarn for a total of $5.00. Destined to become Magic 28 socks. The navy Lambs Pride is a bulky yarn, however, so that may become a hat.

And, finally, I leave you with this picture of the sunset last Monday from my front porch.