Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Hello?? Is this thing on??

The longer one does not post, the harder it is to post. I've been knitting and taking pictures and... not... posting...

So, a few pictures of what I've been doing. First up is my modified version of the Lamb's Pride baby hat. Instead of doing the cable second row, I did it every fourth row and I like the results much better. I hope I took good notes!! :^)

Next up are two pairs of Magic 28 socks. The pair on the left is made with the leftover yarn from the last pair of socks I made for B. The pair on the right was made from some wool I got at Value Village. Ladies and gentlemen, this yarn was spectacularly craptacular. I had the first sock done, except for the grafting and, before cutting the umbilical cord, as it were, I seriously thought about ripping it out and making... I don't know... And, since I didn't know, I knit the second sock.

And, for something fun... I had a bit of i-cord started with some left over Sugar & Cream cotton yarn, did some "knit through front & backs," then some ktogs, stuffed it with cotton balls and and catnip and... Viola!! Kitty toys! Harley, of the Kitty Committee, approves. As do Zack and Sophie.


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